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Have you ever wondered why people are intimidated by doing a budget?

It's usually because they either don't know how a budget works or they don't know where to begin. Well, good news: We've taken care of both issues with Dave Ramsey's Guide to Budgeting, a totally new resource to help you get started with a budget! The guide takes you through the spending plan process from the ground up, step by step.


Check out what you'll find:

Tips and advice for making your budget... and making it work
How to better relate with your spouse about money
How to calculate a budget for all types of paychecks
How to determine if you can cash-flow a minor emergency
How to work the envelope system, a Four Walls budget and more

As Dave has shown time and time again, a budget is the key to taking control of your money. With a solid spending plan, you can get out of debt, invest, give to others, and have more fun with money than you ever thought possible. It all starts with the budget, and it all starts with you. So get started today!


Download Dave's free Guide to Budgeting now.


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