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The Great Misunderstanding - MP3

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In this key one-hour lesson from Financial Peace University, you'll learn how to apply Dave's principles so you can be a genuine giver throughout life. Forget the shipping costs and waiting time! Immediate download.

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Whether you're traveling to and from work or on a family road trip, the Commuter Special will give you the education and inspiration you need to get out of debt and find real Financial Peace! Learn more
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God gives us specific guidelines for handling money, and Dave explains those scriptural guidelines and how our stewardship is a reflection of all areas of our lives in this 60-minute DVD.

You'll Learn:

  • Why God wants His people to give.
  • How to become a good steward.
  • Scriptural guidelines for handling money.
  • How to teach your children to be givers.
  • Why we should give to worthy causes.


We are debt-free, but the one thing that drives people crazy is that we got out of debt while giving our money away. We gave to our local church. We gave to the YMCA. I even went on a mission trip to India and paid with cash. The lady who has done my taxes for 15 years was amazed at how much money we gave away. Thank you for having giving as number one on the budget. Damon Houston
Thanks to Dave and Financial Peace University, my husband and I have been able to substantially increase our missions giving. Money, when you are able to give it away, really does make a difference. If anyone is looking for motivation to get out of debt, please realize that your choices do not only affect you. They have the potential to affect the whole world. Andrea Oklahoma

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