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Now is the perfect time to get the plan and tools you need for your money and career. These deals will help you create a budget, keep your family on track, find new and meaningful work, and give generously. No matter where you are, hope is here.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (Audiobook Download)

The Total Money Makeover Audiobook

The news stories switch course every minute, but this proven plan doesn't change. There's a reason this book has helped millions—because this plan works. Listen to Dave Ramsey walk you through the 7 Baby Steps—his proven plan for managing money, building up savings, and getting out of debt. Use this $1.99 deal (along with your extra time at home) to invest in your future.

$ 1 .99
Reg. $24.99
The Proximity Principle Audiobook

The Proximity Principle Audiobook

If you're out of work or feeling the need to increase your income, start your job search with the right guidance and tools. Use this time to learn how to find meaningful work that matters—for only $1.99 right now! This is the perfect time to improve your resumé, reach out to the right people, and start building a brighter future for your career.

$ 1 .99
Reg. $19.99
Ramsey Preferred Coach

Connect With a Ramsey Preferred Coach

There is hope, whether you’ve just lost your job or you’re worried about the future of your finances. Our Ramsey Preferred Coaches are trained to set you on the path to financial stability in the midst of chaos—no matter what challenge you’re facing. Ask your question, and one of our coaches will reach out to schedule a free 15-minute call. They’ll help you figure out the next right steps to take with your money.

Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Self-Study

Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Self-Study

Looking for the right tools to keep your kids on track while they're out of school? We've cut down our price on personal finance curriculum so your kids can get the education they need during this season. This self-study has helped over 5 million students develop good habits in personal finance. It's on sale now for $19.99 (that's $100 off!).

$ 19 .99
Reg. $119.99
Ken Coleman

We Want to Help!

We know the current crisis has left many Americans unemployed. Ramsey Solutions and The Ken Coleman Show want to help! We have a broad network of businesses that follow our principles. If this problem is as big as we think it is, we'll use our reach to help connect our network of businesses to our network of job seekers. Submit your resumé, and we’ll do our best to help you in your search.

New! The Total Money Makeover - 24 Book Special

The Total Money Makeover 24 Pack

For those of you who've worked the plan and are looking to be generous during this tough season, we've created our lowest offer ever on The Total Money Makeover. For a limited time, buy 24 books for just $192 (that's only $8 per book!) and share them with family, friends and neighbors. Give them the encouragement and motivation they need to take control of their money.

$ 192 .00
Reg. $599.76
Will Preparation Checklist

Will Preparation Checklist

Simple wills. Powers of attorney. These things aren't fun to think about—but they're important. Take a breath. You can do this. To make the process easier, download our FREE Will Preparation Checklist. It’ll walk you through the seven decisions you need to make as you create your will and set up your powers of attorney. 

Other Ways to Invest in Yourself and Your Family

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