Gifts for Personal Development

Get ready to check a bunch of friends and family off your Christmas list. For those who want to better themselves, you can't do better than these gifts! Money habits impact so many parts of life—and not just within their finances! These are the tools that can help them grow.

NEW! Ramsey Smart Conference DVD Set

Ramsey Smart Conference DVD Set

For the first time ever, your friends and family can experience the life-changing impact of the Ramsey Smart Conference from the comfort of home! It comes with two complimentary workbooks, so it's a perfect gift to share. It also can be streamed on-the-go for friends and family you know who travel often or have a long commute!

$ 19 .00
Reg. $49.99
Love Your Life, Not Theirs - Hardcover Book

Love Your Life, Not Theirs

No more keeping up with the Joneses! Rachel Cruze shares how to quit comparison and explains how to reframe the way to think about money. They'll learn how to develop healthy money habits like avoiding debt, living on a plan, saving for the future, and giving!

$ 10 .00
Reg. $24.99
2021 Goal Planner by Christy Wright

New! 2021 Christy Wright Goal Planner

This planner is designed for anyone who likes to make a list and check it twice. With a beautiful cover and brand-new content written to help women create and reach goals in every category of their lives, this planner is like having Christy Wright as a personal coach. Give the gift of a powerful and prayerful 2021—before it sells out!

$ 49 .99
Reg. $
The Proximity Principle

The Proximity Principle

It's been a tough year to find a job, but there's plenty of hope to be shared! This #1 national bestseller is perfect for anyone looking for a job that brings joy to their world. Bestselling author Ken Coleman will walk everyone on your list—from the recent grad to the friend who’s just ready to switch careers—through a step-by-step plan to find a job they love. (Plus, we've added it to the $10 Sale this year!)

$ 10 .00
Reg. $19.99

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