Financial Peace University

Flashy gifts need not apply. Give a gift that'll make a difference! Choose the membership or upgrade to a bundle for your friends and family and help them learn what we all need to know about money. (And if there's any gift you should feel guilt-free about grabbing for yourself, it's this one!)

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University Membership

Millions have left debt in the dust and discovered the peace and freedom that comes with learning how to manage their money the right way with this #1 program! With this gift, those on your Christmas list will learn how to make a budget that works, save for emergencies, pay off debt, and invest for the future. 

$ 129 .99
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Financial Peace University Turnaround Bundle

We get it—you don't want to stand by and watch someone you love live paycheck to paycheck! This one-of-a-kind bundle will help your friends and family take control of their money once and for all. It comes with additional resources like The Legacy Journey e-book, The Total Money Makeover audiobook, and The Legacy Journey 6-lesson course!

Financial Peace + Everyday Millionaires Bundle

Financial Peace + Everyday Millionaires Bundle

This brand-new bundle includes our proven program, Financial Peace University, AND Chris Hogan's exciting new book, Everyday Millionaires! Give the people on your list the tools and lessons they need to build a strong financial foundation with this one-of-a-kind membership. Then their preordered book will arrive in January just in time to power up their plan and teach them how to form the same habits as 10,000 millionaires we studied.

$ 149 .00
Reg. $154.98

Financial Peace University Marriage Bundle

Need a meaningful gift for a couple? You can't go wrong with this powerful bundle. They'll learn how to pay off debt, get on the same page about money, and save for the future—all while improving their communication with each other. This marriage-strengthening bundle includes an annual Financial Peace University membership, access to a Money & Marriage livestream, and two DISC assessments.

Financial Peace University Kickstart Bundle

Know someone getting ready to face the "real world" soon? Whether they're getting their first job, graduating college, or finally taking on their first big challenge, give them the gift that will equip them with all the tools and lessons they need to make great decisions with their money. They'll even learn contentment with the Love Your Life, Not Theirs audiobook so they don't spend their 20s and 30s trying to keep up with the Joneses.

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