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Gifts for Kids & Teens

$21.99 List $24.95
Teach your children that money comes from work and about the importance of giving, saving and spending. Financial Peace Junior is tailored for children ages 3–12. Learn more
Adventure Pack
It’s Fun To Learn About Money! (for ages 3-12)
$45.99 List $124.99
The Adventure Pack is a great way to teach your kids how money works. This bundle includes Financial Peace Junior, a storybook set, PDFs, the Smart Saver Bank and fun games and activities that will teach kids how to save and the importance of giving. Learn more
$36.99 List $59.94
Transform children's futures with these colorful and entertaining books that teach them how to win with money. These wonderful stories will teach kids real-life lessons, and the stories are so much fun that kids won't even know they are learning! Learn more
Smart Saver Bank
Ages 3-12
$18.99 List $19.99
Learning about money has never been this fun! The Smart Saver Bank is the smart way to help your kids practice giving, saving and spending wisely! Learn more
Super Pack
Ages 3-10
$47.99 List $84.99
This pack includes Financial Peace Junior and the six-book boxed set of Dave's illustrated kids' books. Use these helpful tools to teach kids lessons about money and the importance of giving, saving and spending on a plan. Learn more
New! The Graduate Survival Guide
The Perfect High School Graduation Gift! 
The Graduate Survival Guide is the book and video you wish you had before you went to college! This NEW best-seller unpacks the five most common mistakes college students make and covers topics like student loans, budgeting and saving money. Learn more
Act Your Wage! - Board Game
Family Game Night - Ramsey Style!
$26.99 List $29.95
Be the first player to pay off all your debts and yell “I’m Debt Free” in this fun and competitive game of finances from Dave. Keep your savings up and expenses down. Your family and friends will see how fun it really is to “win” with money! Learn more
Start - Hardcover
Do Work That Matters!
$15.99 List $22.99
Explore the five stages every life goes through on the path to awesome and look at what it takes to punch fear in the face, escape average and do work that matters. Learn more

College 101 Bundle
Exclusive online bundle! Perfect for the high school grad!
$29.00 List $42.99
We’ve bundled The Graduate Survival Guide, with the NYTimes bestseller, Start for the perfect graduation gift for high school seniors to teach them how to handle money the right way. This is what you wish you had when you went to college! Learn more
Generation Change is a suite of Bible studies designed to lead teens to a better understanding of God, themselves and their money—and how it all works together. Learn more
Generation Change: DO Home Study
DO More With Your Money
Help your teens understand the difference between wants and needs. In three impactful DVD lessons, Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey teach your teens how to budget and save for emergencies and big ticket items. Learn more
Help your teens take the first steps to being who they're called to be. In three exciting DVD lessons, Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey help your teens discover their true identity and teach them how to fight advertising lies and peer pressure. Learn more

$12.95 List $15.95
Quick answers to your everyday money questions. This book provides answers to more than 100 of the most-asked questions from The Dave Ramsey Show. Learn more
Generation Change: GO Home Study
GO Write Your Story
Help your teens prepare for life after high school. In three compelling DVD lessons, Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey teach your teens how to discover the right career or major for them. Learn more