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More Than a Curriculum, It's Hope for the Future

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Colleges and universities across the nation are losing a quarter of their students to attrition, and the number-one reason students drop out is money problems

That's why institutions are turning to Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance College Edition curriculum. We offer the most life-changing curriculum available today! With a focus not only on personal finance concepts and knowledge, but also practical application that leads to

behavior change, the material will empower students to save, budget, avoid debt, and spend wisely. Your students will take what they learn and start practicing sound financial habits right now while they're on campus, and those habits will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Investing in a strong financial literacy program on your campus means your students will learn how to take control of their money and their futures. And that's not all. Your institution will reap the benefits of higher retention rates, lower student loan defaults, and a happier, healthier student body.

When students don't know money, colleges and universities lose.

Students are dropping out left and right due to financial issues. The need for money skills has never been more painfully clear.

Use this calculator to estimate how the lack of student financial literacy impacts your campus.

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Enter the percent of attrition your school experiences. If you don't know the percentage, you may use the national average of 24.5%.
Enter the percent of students your school loses each year due to financial issues. If you don't know the percentage, you may use 38%, the number reported in a recent research study.
Students lost due to attrition 0
Students lost due to money problems 0
Tuition lost over students' career 0
Use the slider below to estimate tuition saved over students' careers if you could retain a percentage of those students.
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