Life Insurance for Couples 

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Frequently Asked Life Insurance Questions for Couples


Why should couples get term life insurance?

If you depend on each other's income, either to pay bills or manage debt, you'll need to replace your spouse's income if something happens. So getting a policy now for each of you is important.

What type of life insurance should couples get?

There are so many different types of life insurance out there. But term life is almost always the most affordable type of life insurance, and it’s definitely the simplest. It covers you for a fixed period of time until you're self insured, saving you from paying for life insurance long after you need it. 

How much life insurance do married couples need?

We recommend getting 10–12 times your annual salary. If you die, your spouse will take the lump sum they receive and invest that amount into mutual funds that average at least 10% growth. The interest your family takes out each year would cover your annual salary. The original amount could stay there forever, and they could live off of the interest.


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Dave recommends 10–12 times your yearly income.
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Dave recommends 15- or 20-year plans. If you’re younger, consider a longer term because it’s still very affordable.

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