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Recommended Companies

Finding a reliable company is sometimes difficult. We have done our research and found these companies to be the best.

These companies below are nationally endorsed by Dave.   For information on local talk radio advertisers recommended by Dave in your market - please contact us.

Zander Insurance Group

Online: zander.com zander.com
Phone: 800.356.4282

Special Offers

You've heard Dave say that term life insurance is the only way to go! But why is cash value insurance such a rip-off? Why do you even need life insurance? Jeff Zander answers these most popular questions from Dave Ramsey fans so that you can make the best decision for your family.

If there is at least one person in your life that financially depends on you (spouse, children, etc.), then you must have 10–12 times your annual income worth of term life insurance in place, regardless of which Baby Step you're on.

Contact Zander Insurance to get a term life insurance quote now. get a term life insurance quote now.

Churchill Mortgage

Online: www.churchillmortgage.com www.churchillmortgage.com
Phone: 888.562.6200

Special Offers

Churchill Mortgage Churchill Mortgage was the first sponsor for Dave's radio show, and they have served Dave's listeners with integrity and information since that day in 1993. Watch Dave's video Watch Dave's video about the long relationship that has existed between Dave and Churchill Mortgage's owner, Mike Hardwick. It's easy to see why so many of Dave's fans trust Churchill Mortgage with their home lending needs. Call them today at 1-888-562-6200 or visit them on the web at Churchill Mortgage Churchill Mortgage.

Dollar Car Rental

Online: www.dollar.com/Ramsey
Phone: 800-800-4000

Special Offers

For years Dave has heard from frustrated folks looking for a car rental company that accepts debit cards without major hassles—and we've found a way for your next car rental to be a breeze.

Dollar Car Rental supports debit card users like never before so you can avoid the headaches, credit checks and credit limits. Just pay with your debit card, show your driver's license, and be on your way! Dave believes in using a debit card (even when traveling), so it only makes sense he recommends renting from a car company that makes the process easy. That's why Dollar Car Rental is nationally endorsed by Dave Ramsey.

Go to dollar.com/Ramseydollar.com/Ramsey to learn more about their new Debit Card Policy and book your next rental with a debit card!

eMeals Meal Planning

Online: eMeals.com

Special Offers

eMeals has simplified dinnertime with healthy, delicious meals planned for you. eMeals takes care of all your recipe research, including your grocery list. Choose from a variety of easy, family-friendly meal plans to fit your budget and busy lifestyle. Each week you'll receive seven new, healthy dinner ideas including entrees and sides. The eMeals food experts create easy-to-prepare recipes featuring real food your whole family will love.
Choose the recipes you want each week, and the eMeals mobile app creates a personalized shopping list saving you time and money. Dave says that eMeals is a "no risk, no brainer" that helps you balance your nutrition, your time and your budget. Health-wise. Money-wise. Dave-approved.

SimpliSafe Home Security

Online: www.SimpliSafe.com
Phone: 1.888.957.4675

Special Offers

Protecting your family is important, but don't ever sign a contract to do it! Protect your home the right way with SimpliSafe—these are the good guys. Being safe should be simple. SimpliSafe alarms are affordable, easy to self-install, easy to purchase directly from them online. There are no contracts and no hidden fees. Dave trusts SimpliSafe to do what's right for you and your family. Visit https://SimpliSafe.com to get Dave's special discount. Or call them at 1-888-957-4675 and tell them Dave sent you.

Time Share Exit Team

Online: www.timeshareexitteam.com

Special Offers

Timeshares are a bad product, which owners are stuck paying for year after year, whether or not they can use or afford it. If you have one, you need to contact Timeshare Exit Team, the only company that Dave Ramsey trusts to help people get out once and for all.

Timeshare Exit Team has the largest network of exit experts, and continually evolves their exit solutions to help their customers get relief from resistant timeshare companies. This has allowed Timeshare Exit Team to help over 21,000 families leave their timeshares behind. Exiting your timeshare is a process, but they are dedicated to getting you out once and for all – or your money back.*

Schedule your free consultation, get educated on your options, and get out of your timeshare! Call 844-999-EXIT (3948) or go to timeshareexitteam.com/daveramsey

Endorsed Local Providers

Online: daveramsey.com/elp
Want to buy or sell a home? Need to find affordable home & auto insurance, health insurance or a tax pro? Use one of Dave's Endorsed Local Providers. Call 888.227.3223

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