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Press Release



NASHVILLE, Tenn. Radio talk show host and New York Times best-selling author, Dave Ramsey will talk with Senator Bill Frist, Monday, March 1 at 2:00 p.m. EST on The Dave Ramsey Show. The topic of conversation will be the new HSA program that Frist championed.

An HSA (health savings account) is a High deductible, low premium health insurance policy that has a tax free savings account attached allowing users to save money to cover the high deductible. The program is great for everyone from the poor who cant afford high premiums to the wealthy who can use it as a medical IRA. HSAs are especially helpful to the middle working class in good health.

The Dave Ramsey Show is a three-hour syndicated live radio talk show that focuses on life, love and relationships and how they happen to revolve around money. The show has been aggressively syndicated for three years and can be heard on more than 200 radio stations nationwide with a weekly cume exceeding two million listeners. For more information about The Dave Ramsey Show contact Bob Borquez at (877) 410-DAVE ext. 149 or visit www.daveramsey.com.

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