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Dave Ramsey Presented Award at Senior Assembly

NASHVILLE, Tenn. At a ceremony, Tuesday, November 25, at 8:30 a.m., Dave Ramsey presented the Financial Peace for the Next Generation Teacher of the Year Award to Antioch High School teacher Tara Brown. Brown believed she was bringing her class to a senior assembly but was surprised to learn about the award. Ramsey presented the award, spoke and answered questions from the senior class of his alma mater. Each year Financial Peace for the Next Generation honors one teacher with the award based on their dedication to teaching students about finances and their use of the Next Generation curriculum. Brown received a monetary award and Antioch High School received curriculum materials for use during the next semester.

To graduate from high school you have to know what an amoeba is but not how to balance your checkbook. Each year we honor one of the great teachers across the country that is dedicated and excited about helping their students understand how to manage their money, said Dave Ramsey, creator of the Next Generation program. The fact that this years teacher is from my alma mater makes it that much more fun!

Terry DeSelms of Remax/Elite was also honored as the sponsor of the Excellence in Education Award to Ms. Brown.

Financial Peace for the Next Generation is an all inclusive curriculum for teaching personal finance to junior high and high school students. The program is currently in nearly 300 schools in 27 states. Each year the program honors one of the teachers using the curriculum in their classroom.

Tara Brown has worked at Antioch High School for the last 5 years as a teacher of Honors U.S. History and Banking, said Steve Harris, principal of Antioch High School. She has been able to maintain a high degree of motivation in her students largely due to her ability to provide them with real life experiences.

People in their early twenties are the fastest growing group to file for bankruptcy. With student loans, the proliferation of credit cards on college campuses and a lack of understanding of how to manage their money have driven this statistic. Financial Peace for the Next Generation reaches people as teenagers and teaches them how to avoid debt, save for the future and avoid the difficulties faced by the current twenty-something generation.

This class is simply the best gift a high school teacher can give before their students are sent to college, said Kien Tran, former student of Ms. Brown. No, Im not overstating my commenttaking this class might save a divorce, a life, or all economic hardship in the future. I would recommend all underclassmen to take this course. Thank you, Ms. Brown, you just made me a millionaire!

About Dave Ramsey
By age 26, Dave Ramsey had accumulated a personal real estate portfolio worth more than $4 million. Just four years later, he was so far in debt he was forced to declare personal bankruptcy. Ramsey rebuilt his financial life and spent the last decade counseling hundreds of thousands through live events, his 13-week course Financial Peace University, syndicated newspaper columns, and as the host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Dave Ramsey Show. Ramsey authored the New York Times best sellers Financial Peace, More Than Enough and The Total Money Makeover as well as Priceless and Super Red Racer.

Ramsey founded The Lampo Group, Inc. to provide financial counseling and live events for the public. More than 100,000 families will complete Financial Peace University in 2003 with the typical family saving $2,700 and paying off $5,300 of debt. Ramsey created Financial Peace Jr. a kit designed to help parents teach sound financial principles to their children. Financial Peace Universityis also available as a group curriculum to churches and organizations for on-site classes. Ramseys syndicated newspaper column reaches more than 700,000 newspaper subscribers weekly. The Dave Ramsey Show is syndicated to more than 180 radio stations nationwide with more than 2 millionweekly listeners.

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