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Fact Sheet

General Statistics

  • More than 5 million people have participated in Financial Peace University
  • More than 14 million radio and digital listeners weekly to The Ramsey Show, formerly known as The Dave Ramsey Show
  • More than 600 radio affiliates to The Ramsey Show
  • More than two million users of the EveryDollar online budgeting tool
  • More than 25 years of Dave on-air
  • More than 11 million books sold combined
  • More than 15 books written by Dave Ramsey with 7 of them debuting on best-sellers lists including Financial Peace, More Than Enough, The Total Money Makeover, EntreLeadership, The Complete Guide to Money, Legacy Journey and Smart Money Smart Kids
  • More than 8 million total combined circulation of the "Dave Says" and "Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership," syndicated columns in more than 500 publications worldwide
  • More than 1 million live event attendees
  • More than 4 Million high school students in more than 16,000 educational institutions in all 50 states participate in our Foundations High School Program
  • More than 25,000 families use Foundations in Personal Finance: Homeschool Edition
  • More than 800 Ramsey Solutions team members


  • 1992: Self-published Financial Peace
  • 1992: Began The Dave Ramsey Show
  • 1994: Began teaching Financial Peace University
  • 1997: Financial Peace becomes a best-seller
  • 1999: More Than Enough published and debuted a best-seller
  • 2002: The “Dave Says” column is launched in newspaper publications
  • 2003: The Total Money Makeover published and debuted as a best-seller
  • 2011: EntreLeadership published and debuted as a best-seller
  • 2011: Ramsey Press published Quitter and it debuted as a best-seller
  • 2013: Ramsey Press published Start and debuted as a best-seller
  • 2013: Ramsey Press publishes Legacy Journey and it becomes a best-seller
  • 2013: Launched the Legacy Journey class
  • 2013: The Dave Ramsey Show launched a 24-hour online streaming video channel
  • 2014: Smart Money Smart Kids debuted as a best-seller
  • 2014: The company is rebranded as Ramsey Solutions
  • 2015: Launched the Smart Money Smart Kids class
  • 2015: Launched the Smart Money Tour live event
  • 2015: The Total Money Makeover surpasses 5 million copies sold
  • 2015: Launched SmartDollar
  • 2015: Launched EveryDollar
  • 2016: Retire Inspired debuts as a best-seller
  • 2016: EveryDollar surpasses 1 million users
  • 2017: Business Boutique debuts as a best-seller
  • 2017: EveryDollar surpasses two million users
  • 2017: The Dave Ramsey Show celebrates 25 years on-air