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Find Out How to Transform Your Financial Life in His Latest Release The Total Money Makeover

Nashville, Tenn. Radio talk show host and New York Times best-selling author, Dave Ramseys latest book The Total Money Makeover is changing the way Americans handle their finances. Hundreds of thousands of people have dramatically changed their lives using Ramseys common sense financial strategies. In his first New York Times best-seller, Ramsey shared his steps to finding Financial Peace. Now in his new release The Total Money Makeover, he shares the specific how-to steps for transforming your financial life and reaching your highest financial potential.

From The Total Money Makeover, readers discover the truth about the most told myths in financial planning and find out how to:

  • Set up an emergency fund
  • Use the Debt Snowball
  • Invest for retirement and college tuition
  • Pay off your home
  • Build wealth

In May 2003, in the first twenty-four hours of presales for The Total Money Makeover, the book sprinted to thirteenth position nationally on Amazon.com. This presale success broke the presale record for publisher Thomas Nelson. At its release The Total Money Makeover debuted at number six on The New York Times Best-Seller list for hardcover advice, number five on the Associated Press List of Best-Selling Books and number one of the Wall Street Journals hardcover business best seller list.

About Dave Ramsey
By age 26 Dave Ramsey had accumulated a personal real estate portfolio worth more than $4 million. Just four years later he was so far in debt he was forced to declare personal bankruptcy. This experience gave Ramsey a first-hand perspective on the best and worst practices in financial management. Ramsey rebuilt his financial life and has spent the last decade counseling hundreds of thousands through live events, his 13-week course Financial Peace University, syndicated newspaper columns, and as the host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Dave Ramsey Show. Ramsey authored the New York Times best sellers Financial Peace, More Than Enough and now The Total Money Makeover. He also authored Priceless and a four book childrens series Super Red Racer, Careless at the Carnival, The Birthday Surprise, and My Fantastic Fieldtrip.

Ramsey founded The Lampo Group, Inc. to provide financial counseling and live events for the public. More than 60,000 families will complete Financial Peace University in 2003 with the typical family saving $2,700 and paying off $5,300 of debt. Ramsey created Financial Peace Jr. a kit designed to help parents teach sound financial principles to their children. The Lampo Group also offers Financial Peace for the Next Generation a program designed to educate Junior High and High School students on the importance of wise money management and the dangers of debt. The program is currently active in more than 100 schools in 15 states. Financial Peace Universityis also available as a group curriculum to churches and organizations for on-site classes. Ramseys syndicated newspaper column reaches more than 700,000 newspaper subscribers weekly. The Dave Ramsey Show is syndicated to more than 170 radio stations nationwide with more than 2 millionweekly listeners.

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