Dr. John Delony

Empowering people to change their thoughts, their behaviors, and their lives

Trusted Voice on Relationships and Emotional Wellness

Dr. John Delony is a leading voice on relationships and emotional wellness. He recently became the newest Ramsey Personality, dedicating his life to helping people find hope and light in a turbulent and uncertain world. As everything around us is changing, many are finding that they don't have the tools they need to care for themselves or their loved ones. John helps people reclaim their lives, make the next right move, and take responsibility for their thoughts and behaviors.

Before joining the team at Ramsey Solutions, John worked as a senior leader at multiple universities. He also has extensive experience in personal and community crisis care and response. He holds two Ph.D.s—one in counseling and the other in higher education.

For encouragement and inspiration, subscribe to The Dr. John Delony Show on YouTube or anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can also connect with John on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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