What are nonprofit organization professionals saying about Financial Peace University?

"Because we were looking for a strong piece of financial curriculum for our organization, we have partnered with Financial Peace University. It was so wonderful to see these young mothers make a budget and start living by it for the first time in their lives."

Jackie Corley
Christian Community Services, Inc.

"Personally and professionally, I highly recommend Financial Peace University to other affiliates, their homeowners and their staff. The life lessons that Dave Ramsey teaches and the printed materials he has developed are so valuable. FPU is a life-changing experience."

Cate Hamilton
Habitat for Humanity

"For me, the budgeting is important. And with two small kids, the envelope system has helped me the most."

Anita Stratton
Single Mom

"It's a great tool to use to help change people's lives, not just their address!"

Diane Trethewey
Habitat for Humanity

"At first, I hated a budget! But I ended up getting the hang of it, and it became more of a blessing than anything else!"

Alisha Marshall
Single Mom

"I love the Dave Ramsey program! I learned how to save money while being entertained at the same time. He gets to the point, and that's just what I needed."

Twyla Gibson
FPU Student

"Financial Peace University gives our clients hope for a better future and the tools to succeed. It is an awesome transformation in their lives."

Annette Cooley
Pregnancy Resource Center

"To me, the beauty of the FPU program is that it's comprehensive, self-scripted and unbiased. I didn't have to do a bunch of research, develop the curriculum, and deliver each class. The latter is especially important since the preparation time for each class is minimal."

Bob Johnson
Habitat for Humanity

Help individuals and families learn how to take control of their financial lives.