The Momentum journey begins with training. We have designed these training sessions to teach church leaders about all elements of the Momentum journey.

What will you learn?

At the Momentum training, church leaders will learn how to:

  • Build a congregation of generous givers by teaching them to live debt free.
  • Develop a team of leaders who are dedicated to building and sustaining a financially healthy church.
  • Improve systems and processes for more effective church ministries.
  • Develop promotions, education, and prayer teams to successfully lead church-wide initiatives.
  • Create an efficient and biblically based church budget.
  • Learn how to effectively work with different personalities and maintain team unity.
  • Deliver six weekend messages that correspond with Momentum-based Bible studies that you will receive as part of your Momentum materials.
  • Use the power of celebration to maintain energy, excitement and momentum in your congregation and community.

Who should attend?

From experience, we've learned that each church should send the senior pastor or teaching pastor, the adult education director, and a financial leader. We welcome churches to bring more staff members or lay leaders.

How much does it cost?

For pricing information, please contact a Stewardship advisor at 1-877-378-2667 or

Ready to Begin the Journey?