What can Momentum do for your congregation?

Momentum is designed to unleash your generous givers by teaching your congregation how to handle money God’s way.

Your members may seem to have plenty, but the majority of them are probably struggling to make it. With all of their bills—credit cards, student loans, car payments—they don’t know how they can afford to give.

Sadly, 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The reality is that church and charity giving isn't always a part of their budget. The result? Churches have limited resources for ministry progress, outreach and missions.

The goal of Momentum is to flip this unfortunate reality and give churches hope in the giving potential of their congregation.

What are the benefits of the Momentum journey?

  • Promote stewardship and financial discipleship.
  • Develop a long-term plan for your church—without debt. 
  • Create church-wide energy and motivation to become financially healthy.
  • Help repair marriages that are strained by financial problems.
  • Develop and grow new leaders.
  • Learn how to revive and renew the church through a stewardship ministry.
  • Receive ongoing encouragement, support, and guidance from the Momentum coach and team.

Ready to Begin the Journey?