Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Momentum and Financial Peace University?
Momentum is a proven framework for immersing an entire congregation into biblical principles for wise financial management. It provides resources for both personal and collective long-term transformation. Financial Peace University is Dave Ramsey's 9-week financial discipleship curriculum for individuals and small groups. When used in the context of Momentum, this course provides hands-on application of biblical stewardship principles. In sum, FPU lasts 9 weeks, and Momentum is an ongoing journey that doesn’t have an end date.
What's the goal of Momentum?
Momentum is designed to help church leaders transform the giving culture of the church into one of unmistakable generosity from financially healthy families.
What is the price of Momentum?
There are a couple of variables to consider: the size of your congregation and the time at which your team registers for training. For the best pricing and promotional options for your team, please contact a Stewardship Advisor at 1-877-378-2667.
Where is the Momentum training?
The Momentum trainings are hosted at various locations around the country.
How long is the training?
Monday 8:30am - 5:30pm (Lunch and snacks are provided)
Tuesday 8:30am - 1:00pm (Box lunch is provided)
Is church debt really all that bad?
Yes. The stability and strength of a church is undermined by a foundation of debt. A church with debt is just one major crisis away from being forced to close.
Isn't it God's will to "grow" the church of Jesus Christ?
Absolutely. But it's not God's will for this generation to pass our debt to the next generation. We can't ignore the impact of financial slavery on their future.
We truly believe that God is leading our church to build. Isn't Momentum asking us to ignore God's will for our ministry?
Not at all. We just want you to think about this: In Scripture, where do we see God ever leading His Church, the bride of Christ, into financial bondage—either "manageable" or otherwise? Churches have other options for meeting space.
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