Military Coordinator Resource Center


The New FPM Member Resource Center

We are so excited about a new FREE resource that we're offering you and your class members. We're convinced that it's absolutely going to revolutionize the FPM experience and take your class to a whole new level!

What is the MRC?

The Member Resource Center (MRC) is a place where FPM members and coordinators can come throughout the duration of their FPM class to take advantage of tons of free tools, content, tips, and audio and video clips. The MRC is a bonus given to first-time class members to help jump start their path to financial peace. These exclusive tools and resources coincide with each week's lesson, providing current FPM members with powerful inspiration and practical information they can't find anywhere else. Access to the MRC is available for 15 weeks (105 days) for members in order to supplement their experience. Coordinators, however, are able to access the MRC each time they lead a class.

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