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Financial Peace Military Edition Financial readiness training for the United States Military

What are servicemembers saying about Financial Peace Military?

Successful Class

"Did you know that the average officer will make $1,250,000 and enlisted service members will earn $750,000 during a 20-year career? Financial Peace Military will give servicemembers the tools to truly retire after 20 years of service, if that is their dream."

Stephen and Nancy Sheridan
United States Military

Benefits Everyone Involved

"In the military, worry can affect the mission and the unit. It's so important to teach servicemembers where their money is going and how to best manage it."

Scott and Wendy Morris
United States Military

Hey, It Works!

"Financial Peace Military was the tool our family really needed. We managed to pay off over $5,500 worth of debt and create an emergency fund within 90 days. We recommend the program to anyone who wants to seriously change their financial situation and provide financial security for their family."

Cleveland and Gwen Richardson
United States Military

Changing Mindsets

"In 18 months, we have paid off $38,000 in debt because my wife and I developed 'gazelle intensity.' Thanks to Dave's simple, straightforward teaching, I can concentrate on my mission to be the father, husband and soldier I am supposed to be. I am not burdened by a load of debt."

Robert Brady
United States Military

It's Making a Difference

"If anyone needs help, it's military families. I've seen first hand that Dave's advice is making a difference in their lives. Because of Financial Peace Military, we are now debt-free and our entire outlook on life has changed."

Jason Craft

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