Military Edition


Get Financial Peace Military Edition (FPM) approved for your installation!

Here's How:


    Get Approval

    • Contact your leadership to get approval and schedule FPM
    • Share with them the information portion in the Military Information Guide.
    • Show the orientation video.

    Schedule Previews

    • Get creative and enthusiastic about promotional ideas.
    • 12-20 servicemembers and spouses is the ideal class size.
    • Use outside promotions, such as installation newspapers, magazines, chapel marquees or other signs. Encourage servicemembers to bring family and friends.

    Sign the Form

    • Sign the License Agreement and send it back to us.

    Host Free Previews

    • Encourage servicemembers to enroll in the class and purchase their FPM membership (one membership per family unit).

    Order Membership

    • Order leadership materials for you and a membership for each family unit enrolled.
    • Send an order form.
    • Payment can be made using your Government Purchase Card (GPC) or by check.
    • Allow 7–10 days for delivery.

    Start Class

    • Think outside the box! FPM can be used for the entire base or for specific groups, such as singles, couples, etc.
    • Allow two hours per session: one hour each for the video and small-group portion.

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