What will you learn in The Legacy Journey?

The Legacy Journey is a seven-week class taught by America's most trusted financial advisor, Dave Ramsey. Dave and his team will teach you a biblical framework for growing your money, securing your family’s future, and leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Lesson 1

Snares and Dares

Dave covers what the Bible has to say about wealth and faithful stewardship, and he debunks some toxic beliefs society has about wealth.

Lesson 2

The Pinnacle Point

Learn how to invest wisely. Get the pros and cons of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and real estate investing.

Lesson 3

The Law of Great Gain

Discover the keys to contentment and learn how to figure out how much is enough. Dave teaches you how to create your own ratios for increased giving, investing and lifestyle.

Lesson 4

The Road to Awesome

Learn the five stages of an awesome life. Jon Acuff covers purposeful living, mastering your talents, guiding others, and more.

Lesson 5

Safeguarding Your Legacy

Dave's daughter Rachel Cruze joins him to share how to live and leave a legacy for your family and future generations. Learn the importance of choosing blessings over curses, and ensuring that your future is protected.

Lesson 6

Generational Legacy

Dave shares a kingdom perspective on material possessions. Learn the keys to basic estate planning and generational wealth.

Lesson 7

Called to Generosity

God is a giver. Discover how you can become generous and use the resources God gives you to further the kingdom for generations to come.

Bonus Lesson

Fearfully, Wonderfully Made

Learn the four basic personality profiles and understand how our differences can improve communication in all of our relationships.

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