You can help change lives in your church!

The possibilities are endless when the people of God use their resources in a godly manner. The Legacy Journey is easy to coordinate, and no certification is required. Dave and his team do all the teaching while you lead the discussion after the videos.

1. Get Approval

Talk to your church leadership to obtain approval to move forward with The Legacy Journey.

View our full info guide.

2. Set Your Class Dates

Determine the best time to hold your class, and set your dates. Remember to verify the room availability and secure it. You will need a room with a DVD player and a TV or a projector and screen. Plan four to six weeks for promotion if possible.

Set your class dates.

3. Promote Your Class

Once you've submitted your initial class dates, you can access our online promotional materials to help you get the word out about the class. There is also a Preview Video, which you'll show two weeks before the first class. You can set your preview date when setting up your class dates. This is a great way to introduce people to the class and let them know what to expect.

Get promotional materials.

4. Order Memberships

This is the last step. Simple, right? You'll need a Leader Membership, and each family will need a membership, which includes their class materials. One membership per family.

Order memberships.

Bring The Legacy Journey to your church and community!