Why are we introducing Celebrations of Life?

Dave's team is working with Celebrations of Life and its licensed facilitators who specialize in custom writing services and products to help everyone live intentionally and leave a lasting legacy.

Legacy is more than what we leave behind. It is how we live our lives as we wish to be remembered. When we make time to reflect and understand our life journey as lived so far, our lives grow richer and more meaningful, and we help guide our loved ones along their life journeys.

The Legacy Journey® by Celebrations of Life is comprised of three interconnected pathways to help inspire you to live your life with intention and share your values, wisdom and generosity with your loved ones and future generations.

This innovative program was created to make it easy, affordable and meaningful for everyone to create an enduring legacy at any stage along their life journey-particularly as you establish your plans for living your life with intention today and into the future.

Celebrations of Life's mission is to provide a meaningful Legacy Journey® experience to help individuals and families live their lives with intention and share their values, wisdom and generosity with loved ones and future generations. This mission is achieved by:

  • Training, coaching, licensing and certifying an international team of independent and organization-based legacy facilitators to conduct legacy writing workshops and coaching sessions in their local markets.
  • Providing affordable, accessible and engaging Legacy Journey® resources and services.
  • Assisting clients in writing, editing, designing and preserving their legacies in beautiful and affordable books and keepsakes through a centralized team of preservation specialists.
  • Developing custom programs for organizations with a passion for helping their clients/members get to the heart of what really matters.

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Legacy Journey® is a registered trademark of Celebrations of Life Service, Inc. Under this mark, Celebrations of Life and its licensed facilitators provide products, educational services, and custom writing services pertaining to living life with intention, leaving a meaningful legacy, and sharing values, wisdom and generosity with loved ones and future generations. All rights reserved.