Changing the Next Generation

Money touches every area of life. In fact, 86% of teenagers say they would rather learn about money management in a class before making mistakes in the real world. However, most schools, churches and parents aren't talking to their teens about it—and the result is a generation facing more debt and financial stress than ever. We as parents have a responsibility to teach our kids how money really works.

Getting your family started is easy. Simply choose the series you want to start with and purchase your Homestudy kit (which comes with workbooks for two students). Once your materials arrive, just review your included parent guide. It will tell you everything you need to know to have a successful study. Then pick a night, pop some popcorn and get started!

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Included with each Homestudy Kit

  • Generation Change Lessons on DVD
  • A step-by-step parent guide
  • Two student workbooks

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