Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generation Change?
Generation Change is a Bible study designed to lead teens to a better understanding of God, themselves and their money—and how it all works together. In the three individual three-week teaching series, students are equipped with biblical principles to BE who God created them to be, DO more with their money, and GO out into the world ready to write their story. Each series includes lesson DVDs featuring Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, as well as a guide for leading the study and a student workbook for each participant. The class can be led in three separate three-week studies or combined into a nine-week study through all three series consecutively.
What is the target age group of Generation Change?
This biblically based study is designed for ages 13–18.
How many lessons is Generation Change
There are three different series, and each series has three lessons for a total of nine lessons. You can purchase each series individually as separate three-week studies, or purchase all three series at once for a full nine-week study. It's up to you!
How can Generation Change be used?
  1. Weekly Bible studies
  2. Sunday school lessons
  3. Weekend retreats
  4. Mission trips
How long is each session?
Each session is designed to last 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the length of your discussions.
What is the format of a Generation Change class?
Generation Change is taught by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze on DVD. Each lesson includes a 25–30 minute video followed by discussion and hands-on activities. The leader guide will walk you step by step through leading a class at church or home.
What is in the leader's guide?
The leader’s guide includes a variety of activities and discussion questions for each session. Parents and group leaders will find plenty of resources to help them guide their students to a healthier understanding of personal finance.
What is in the Student Membership?
The Generation Change Student Membership comes with a workbook containing video notes, questions and handouts for each session.
What is the difference between Generation Change and Foundations in Personal Finance?
Generation Change is a biblically based, nine-lesson study designed for churches and parents of teenagers. Foundations in Personal Finance is Dave's twelve-lesson school curriculum used in public, private and home schools.
Can I use Generation Change in a public school setting?
No. Generation Change is a biblically based study designed for church or home use only.
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