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Join the nearly 6 million people who've used Financial Peace University to pay off debt, save and invest for the future.

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Learn how to manage your money with Financial Peace University.

What is Financial Peace University?

It's the class that teaches you how to:
  • Pay off Debt
  • Budget
  • Save Money
  • Give Generously
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$129.99/year after trial

Here’s How You’ll Learn to Manage Your Money

9 Lessons

The following lessons will help you win with money:

  • 01Starter Emergency Fund + Budgeting
  • 02Pay Off All Debt
  • 03Save a Fully Funded Emergency Fund
  • 04Invest for the Future and Build Wealth
  • 05Buyer Beware
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Interactive Workbook

More than 160 pages that teach you how to take control of your money.

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One-year Financial Peace Membership

It’s the one-stop resource center that helps you apply all the knowledge the plan teaches you.

Our Members enjoy these exclusive benefits

  • EveryDollar Plus—the world’s best budgeting app

  • Ask a coach feature for your tough questions

  • Exclusive livestreams to watch from home

  • Accountability, encouragement, and celebration in our online community

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Dave has been there before. He gets it.

Dave Ramsey created Financial Peace University nearly 25 years ago after learning how to pay off debt, save and spend wisely, and build wealth. Today, millions have used the same principles to transform their lives.

Join the Nearly 6 Million People Who Have Taken Control of Their Money

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