Organizations across the country are experiencing the impact of a
financially healthy workforce.

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"Dave's program has helped our team remove stress, focus on their jobs and live with a new mindset. We were impressed that we had a 91% completion rate. Our team who has been through the program doesn’t talk about the financial education—they talk about making life better for their families!"
Scott Barlow HR Manager ConAgra Foods
"If you really believe that you, as a business owner, are running a company to take care of your employees, SmartDollar is one of the best ways you can do that. SmartDollar changes lives. Our company is healthier, our team is healthier, and it’s making a difference in their lives today so that they can make a difference in their families’ lives in the future."
Eric Grant President Municode
"We take employee education very seriously and invest a lot of time and money developing productive, loyal employees. Dave's program has been well received and a great addition to our ongoing continuous learning efforts."
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
"I have personally seen lives change right in front of my eyes as a result of Dave's program. We've been able to track that the average family completing the program pays off a little over $5,000 in consumer debt within the first three months of starting the program. Our colleagues continually thank Healthways for making this program available. We strongly believe in the importance financial well-being plays in one's overall well-being."
Rick Marshall Former Director of Finance Operations Healthways
"Dave's program has helped many of our employees become debt free and move forward toward financial freedom. The program has been well received and fits into our overall wellness program strategy of physical wellness, emotional wellness and financial wellness."
Becky Hodge Benefits Analyst Tempur-Pedic
"The results of Dave's program were astounding. Our associates reported an average turnaround of $8,471 in financial position within a 12-week period ($5,329 toward debt elimination and $3,142 allocated to savings/emergency funds). We look forward to continuing to work with Dave's team and the program a part of our regular benefit offerings."
Angie Pruitt Manager of Compensation and Benefits The General Insurance Company

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