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Want to increase brand awareness, leads and sales? Don't miss this opportunity to sponsor a Dave Ramsey live event! Thousands will attend to learn how to better handle key areas of their lives and change their futures. They could leave the event with you in mind.

Dave only endorses companies with strong reputations and a valuable product or service to offer. He serves and protects his fans, which explains why they are super loyal. In fact, Dave's recommendation is often all that's needed to move his entire audience to act. Endorsements at our live events introduce fans to your brand and leave a clear, positive impression on thousands of people. Each live event sponsorship plan is customized based on your business needs and desired results. If you're seeking national reach and individual action, a Ramsey Solutions live event sponsorship is a powerful way to get it.

2019 Event Sponsors


SmartVestor Pros are the only investing professionals vetted by the Ramsey Solutions team. They can help you on your journey through the Baby Steps. Whether you're just getting started, rolling over a 401(k), converting to a Roth, or handling an inheritance, you can find SmartVestor Pros who serve your area.

Zander Insurance

Zander wants to help you provide total protection for your family and prepare for the future. Find out how easy and inexpensive protecting your family can be with term life insurance and identity theft protection.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

Receive information about Christian Healthcare Ministries, the biblical solution to healthcare costs and an eligible option under the U.S. healthcare law. Click here to learn how to get your first month free!


Bark is an app that helps parents keep their children safer online. Bark monitors texts, emails, YouTube, and over 24 social media platforms including Snapchat and Instagram. Bark only sends alerts when there is something to be concerned about. Kids keep their privacy and parents keep peace of mind. Click here to get started with a FREE 7-day trial.

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