EntreLeadership Bonus Online Resources

Dave had a lot more to say about building and running your business, but his editor told him to stop coming up with new great ideas--she cut him off! So just to spite her, we're going to keep adding to the conversation by putting a ton of great bonus resources right here.

Chapter 2

Worksheet: How to Develop a Personal Mission Statement

Before you do any serious goal setting or personal/business planning, you should sit and write a personal mission statement. This says, in concrete terms, who you are, what's important to you, and what you want to accomplish in life. Read more.

Video: Goals Need a Time Limit

If you don't pick a day, circle it in red, and throw everything you've got at it, something else will sneak up on you and steal your goals. Don't normalize mediocrity! View video.

Video: Two Marathons

Give your goals a hard deadline and develop a detailed plan. Write down your plan and prepare. It works with marathon training, and it will work for you. View video.

Chapter 4

Video: Golden Rule for Dating My Daughters

Dave shares the guidelines he made for young men who dated his daughters, and how the golden rule applies in everyday life. View video.

Chapter 8

Video: The "Ben Franklin" Close

Dave describes the "Ben Franklin" close, and why it's not a good idea to manipulate and put an emphasis on the "pros" versus the "cons." View video.

Chapter 10

Video: Sharing History

Dave explains why it's so crucial to share your company's history. Letting them know where you've come from will make your team members understand how they are a part of your story. View video.

Video: Weekly Reports

Weekly reports will give you a good handle on how your team members are spending their time. Dave shares a humorous story about two guys turning their reports in late. View video.

Chapter 11

Video: The Right Thing To Do

Unity and loyalty come naturally as your team sees you doing the right thing. Dave share a personal example. View video.

Video: Don't Shoot Your Wounded

Taking care of your team members is your responsibility as a leader. When you love your people right, you win their loyalty and provide a great example for others on your team. View video.

Chapter 13

Video: Vendor Gaffe

Outsource until it makes sense to bring the job in-house. Dave learned the hard way why it's important to make sure your vendors can handle your business. View video.

Bonus Chapters

- Money Doesn't Grow On Trees, It Grows Online: Designing a Web Strategy That Works

- Ad Nauseam: Curing Your Love-Hate Relationship with Advertising

- Reading the Numbers: Accounting Tells the Story of Your Business

Additional Worksheets and Information

Sample Key Results Area (KRA) Document

Part of Dave's onboarding process is to create a Key Results Area (KRA) document for the new team member. Read more.