Three real-life ways the government uses your tax money

Each year, millions of Americans overpay their taxes because they don’t claim all the deductions and credits they qualify for. After three years, their money becomes the government’s money—to be spent as the government sees fit. Take a look at some of the programs your unclaimed tax refund contributed to and find out how to keep this from happening to your money again.

  1. Lose weight on your dime

    How would you like to be paid $5,000 a year to drop a few pounds? According to Thomas Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste, that’s exactly how the U.S. Department of Energy used your money. They spend $10 million a year to help their employees lose weight. That’s a lot of salad.

  2. Dying to get paid

    It’s one thing to be respectful of the dead, but do they need a paycheck? The Inspector General for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management recently reported that in the last five years, the federal government paid more than $600 million in “improper payments” to deceased former employees. These were not death benefits. These were paychecks that continued for years after the employees had died.

  3. The $1 billion house party

    The IRS approved as much as $1 billion in inappropriate tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements to people who don’t even own a home. A review from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that 30% of those who claimed the credit “had no record of owning a home.” Even worse, some of them were children under the age of 14!

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