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The True Cost of Tax Software

The research is in. You can get a larger tax refund by using a tax advisor. See the results below and discover why 9 out of 10 software users prefer our tax advisors.

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What You Think Tax Software Costs

Average Price

The initial price of tax software ranges from $29.95 to $104.99. While that doesn’t sound expensive, it’s a small part of the total cost.

The true cost of tax software is more than just the price you pay at checkout.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

For Your Time

You’ve got better things to do than taxes. According to the IRS, tax filers spend 13 hours on average preparing and filing their taxes. If your average household income is $50,000, that’s $312 of your time. That’s a lot of money!

13 hours to self-file vs. 2 hours using a tax advisor 13 HOURS TOSELF FILE* 2 HOURS USINGA TAX ADVISOR

*Source: (Estimated average time burden for all taxpayers filing a 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ is 13 hours.)

The Cost of Missed Deductions

Difference in Refund

Based on a recent survey, the average tax refund of tax software users is $1,824. The average tax refund of people using a tax advisor is $2,615.*

Get your entire refund by working with a tax advisor.

*Source: Survey of 2,000 Facebook users. Tax software performance varies by individual tax returns.

Your Total Cost for Using Tax Software

Purchase Cost + Time Cost + Difference in Refund

Save money. Save time. Get a trustworthy tax advisor to help you file.

9 out of 10 customers prefer our tax advisors over software.

Real People. Real Results.

  • Your tax advisor saved me $1,500 compared to what my tax software calculated!

    Tim H., Michigan

  • Your tax advisor gave me a tip that did not come up in the tax software I used, allowing me to get a bigger refund!

    Merrilyn S., Washington

  • Went to your tax advisor. He found a mistake that saved us $1,572!

    David N., North Carolina

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