Find the Right Way to Prepare Your Taxes

Discover if your taxes are simple enough to do on your own. Then, get what you need to conquer them. 

Ever watch someone make three right turns instead of a left? Well, in the same way, you could be doing your taxes the long (and grueling) way. Take this 5-minute quiz to figure out if you can file comfortably by yourself, or if you’re better off
using a tax pro. 

Tax Preparation Checklist

Not sure what you need to file your taxes? Use this free checklist to gather everything you need.

How to File Your Taxes Right Now 

When it comes to tax preparation, most people panic, put up two fists, and swing. We have a better idea—start with a plan. Follow these steps, and you’ll do your taxes right this year. 

  1. Use our checklist to gather everything you need.

    Step one is easy (especially if you have our checklist). Gather all tax forms, like  W-2s and 1099s, and keep them nearby.

  2. Decide if you’ll take the standard deduction or itemize. 

    Taking the standard deduction is easier, sure, but if itemizing means you’ll have a lower tax bill, don’t be lazy. Just keep in mind you’ll need to back up your itemized deductions with receipts.

  3. Pick a filing status.

    How will you file? Jointly? Separately? Married couples usually save more by filing jointly. But sometimes it makes more sense to file separately, so always do the math.

  4. Make a tax-filing playlist and do your taxes. 

    Let's face it. There's no Rocky without a good music montage. Bring together the songs that make you want to get your taxes done. Then, do them. 

  5. Set yourself up for success next year. 

    If you get a big tax refund or bill, go ahead and adjust your withholdings. Also, stay organized throughout the year, and you won’t have to hunt for everything you need each spring. Keep tax documents in one place, or receipts in one folder.

Can Someone Just Prepare My Taxes for Me?

Of course they can! We can put you in touch with a local tax advisor who can help you get back all the money you deserve.

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