Frequently Asked Questions:


Why don't you simply give me a list of ELPs instead of asking me for my personal information?

It's an excellent question, and one we get often. First, we do not share your contact information with anyone other than the ELP. Second, by giving us your contact information, we are able to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service. In the rare occasion that a problem arises, we can verify which ELP you are working with and hold them accountable. Your information also lets us know which areas need additional ELPs to help meet the needs of Dave's fans.


Why do you have an ELP program for some things like investing but have national advertisers for other things like term life insurance?

We use national advertisers for products and services when the product or service can be delivered to the entire country from one national office without compromising quality. For other products or services, where a listener may have a strong preference to work with someone local, we apply the ELP concept of having a local professional in every radio affiliate city.


Why only five ELP categories? I would like to suggest a new ELP category.

The original ELP program began with investing to help listeners find local professionals. Because of popular demand, we added ELP categories for finding real estate agents, insurance agents and tax professionals. As our radio affiliate list continues to grow, adding new categories becomes a very difficult task. Today, with more than 500 radio affiliates, what was once a one-person job now requires a team of over 50 people. We currently do not have any plans to add additional ELP categories. Our focus is to do an excellent job for listeners seeking an ELP. However, this does not mean we will not add new ELP categories at some point.


Do ELPs pay a fee?

Yes. For ELPs, the program is a form of local advertising. It’s a way for them to attract clients who follow Dave’s principles, just like they do. We use the fees to fund the large team and technology required to operate the ELP program.


How do you select your ELPs?

We are always accepting applications for the ELP program. When there is a new opportunity in an area, we will contact the applicants and interview them to determine if they have the qualifications we seek. We look for professionals who meet the following requirements:

  • Have the heart of a teacher
  • Put the client’s needs first
  • Have proper licensing and active license in good standing
  • Agree to help clients based on Dave Ramsey’s principles
Each ELP program has additional requirements appropriate to those professions. Investing ELPs must:
  • Be willing to serve every level of investor
  • Be in good standing with FINRA
  • Have a proven history in investing
Tax Professional ELPs must:
  • Be a CPA or Enrolled Agent who can give wise advice on tax issues, prepare taxes, help with bookkeeping, assist with personal business accounting, etc.
  • Focus on individual, family and small business clients
  • Maintain all continuing education requirements
Insurance ELPs must:
  • Be an independent Insurance Agent actively marketing policies from multiple carriers
  • Actively market major medical PPOs, HMOs, and HSAs
  • Be full-time brokers (i.e. not a part-time job)
Real Estate ELPs must:
  • Be licensed and practicing real estate full time for at least four years
  • Be a high producer in their particular market (i.e. at least 35 transactions a year)
  • Have the heart of a teacher and be willing to take time with clients to explain the process
  • Be committed to service (i.e. will return phone calls promptly, show the house, advertise it properly, etc.) and have a record of demonstrating this service over time
  • Be willing to provide real estate advice based on Dave Ramsey’s principles
  • Be willing to work with anyone, regardless of financial position

We are selective with our ELPs because we want to develop strong relationships and higher levels of trust. We only recommend those who provide the level of service you’d expect from Dave himself.


I want to become an ELP, but your staff told me there is already an ELP in the area. Why not add more?

Many of our ELP relationships have not changed since the program began, and we encourage this. Long-term relationships are very valuable to us when it comes to taking care of our fans. We do, however, maintain an active applicant database to allow us to respond to ongoing market changes.


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We've made sure our ELPs really do have the heart of a teacher and provide top-notch customer service.
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