Financial Peace University is changing lives in correctional facilities across the country

Too many offenders leave prison with little, if any, understanding of money management. This only makes it even more difficult for them to re-enter society with a solid foundation.

Correctional facilities are beginning to combat this issue by offering Financial Peace University to offenders while they are in prison. As they learn the fundamentals of a healthy financial lifestyle, they become more equipped to manage their money when they leave the correctional facility—and less likely to return.

"I’m watching this program change the mindset of men here and preparing them for re-entry into society."

Paul Compton
Lake Erie Correctional

Upbeat, Humorous and Practical

Taught by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University is a 9-week program that provides offenders with the tools and skills they need to manage their money for long-term success. This program, which is one of the most sought-after courses in many facilities, prepares offenders for life back home. One U.S. correctional facility keeps a list of more than 300 offenders anxiously waiting to begin the class! FPU is a turn-key solution that requires no staff training.

How will offenders benefit from Financial Peace University?

  • Low-to-moderate-income families who complete the program have an average financial turnaround of $1,000 - $1,400 during the 91 days of FPU.
  • The information in the class applies across all cultural and socio-economic lines and will help successfully transition ex-offenders back into the community.
  • The lessons are presented primarily through audio and video—ideal for clients with basic literacy concerns.
  • Dave does the teaching on DVD, so this is an easy-to-implement, turn-key training solution that requires no special certification for facilitators.
Help individuals and families learn how to take control of their financial lives.