Debit Card Policy

We believe our products and resources give hope and empowerment to everyone in every walk of life. But we realize everyone is on a different part of their financial journey.

Here’s the thing: We don’t want you going further into debt to buy from us.

If you’re new here, you’ll figure out pretty fast that we don’t like credit cards. We hate them so much that we advise people on a daily basis to grab a pair of scissors and perform a plasectomy. That’s right! Cut up those cards!

If a purchase from us would just end up on your next credit card statement, we first encourage you to check out our podcasts, YouTube channel, and all the other incredible free resources on our websites. You can even start using the EveryDollar budgeting tool for free!

And last we checked, your local public library still isn’t charging to check out our books.

Here’s what we are fans of: debit cards. Why? Debit = cash. And as Dave says, “CASH is KING.” If we could figure out how to accept cash on our websites, we would do it. But until that day comes, we prefer debit cards or other cash-based payment methods.

Look, if you decide to purchase with a credit card, it’s your decision. You’re an adult. Dave’s not going to call you with a lecture. We’re not going to show up at your door. But we will hope that’ll be your last transaction on a credit card and that you’ll find the peace that comes from cutting it up.