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Lead a Virtual FPU Class


People need to know the truth—that they CAN win with money. Join us on the mission to help them crush debt, ditch money stress, and take control of their futures. As an FPU coordinator, you’ll help people say “never again!” to money being an obstacle to living the life they've always dreamed of.

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You don't have to be a finance expert


Anyone. That means you too.

Each year, we partner with thousands of rock-star coordinators who change the lives of millions of people. (Yeah. It’s a pretty huge deal.)

They aren’t know-it-all finance pros—just regular folks with a heart to help others. Dave and his team handle all the teaching. And a dedicated advisor walks with you every step of the way.


We get it. This money thing is big. But volunteering to lead an FPU class is simple.

You’ll start by scheduling your class and choosing a class format. Then, invite people to join. Over nine lessons, you’ll lead your members through discussions and activities, following the video lessons. Your job isn’t to fix anyone—it’s to provide hope and support. That’s how you start making a difference.

Short on time? Can’t leave home? No problem! Pick the class format that best suits your lifestyle.


Coordinators get a free Coordinator Guide in an easy-to-use digital format. Use it to lead discussions and activities with confidence. You’ll also have access to the Coordinator Dashboard to play video lessons, track attendance, message members, and stay organized. You’ll also get a free year of Ramsey+ to keep you motivated on your financial journey. While leading a class is free for coordinators, class members will have to purchase their own Ramsey+ membership to attend.


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Start helping others find financial peace by leading an FPU class.

Still have questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lead a class?

It’s free to coordinate Financial Peace University! We’ll give you everything you need to lead in an easy-to-use digital format. While leading a class is free for the coordinator, members will need to purchase a Ramsey+ membership in order to attend the class.

Can I lead a class online?

Absolutely! By leading a virtual FPU class, you can deliver hope to your class members—from anywhere. In a virtual class, your class members will watch the video lessons on their own before joining a video chat for discussion together.

What do I need to lead FPU? Are there any prerequisites?

Anyone can coordinate FPU! You don’t need to be debt-free, have a degree in finance, or even have gone through the class. All you need to lead is a location or video conferencing tool and the free digital Coordinator Guide, which you’ll use to guide the class discussions and activities.

Do coordinators get paid?

Coordinators are volunteers with a passion for helping others learn how to win with money. While coordinators aren’t paid, they do receive special perks—like one-year access to financialpeace.com ($159 value), EveryDollar Plus, product discounts, exclusive access to events and more!

Do I receive guidance or training from Ramsey Solutions?

Coordinating FPU is simple, so extensive training isn’t needed. In addition to your free digital Coordinator Guide, you’ll get a dedicated advisor who will answer questions and guide you through your class. You’ll also find helpful videos in the Coordinator Dashboard that show you how to get the most out of your class. Changing lives is a team effort, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

How long is the class and what is the weekly time commitment?

Financial Peace University has nine lessons. Each class lasts between 45–90 minutes, depending on the format you decide to use. Typically, classes meet once a week for each lesson.

What are the different types of class formats?

There are three options!

Virtual Class
Time: 45 minutes
Location: Online (video conferencing tool, like Zoom, required)
Watch Videos: On your own
Gather: For activities & discussion

Flex Class
Time: 45 minutes
Location: Anywhere
Watch Videos: On your own
Gather: For activities & discussion

Traditional Class
Time: 90 minutes
Location: Anywhere with AV equipment
Watch Videos: In class
Gather: For activities & discussion

Where can I host the class?

That’s up to you! If you choose to have members watch the video lessons before class, then you can meet almost anywhere—in a coffee shop, online, at the park or in a restaurant. If your class decides to watch the videos as a group, feel free to host at home, at church, in a library—anywhere with an AV setup and an internet connection.

Can someone else lead with me?

Sure thing! Anyone can be a co-coordinator, including your spouse or a friend.

How many people are required to be in my group?

A group can be as large or as small as you’d like. You can close your group to the public and only invite people you know, or you can open it for anyone in your area to find. The average group size is around seven people.

How do people join my class?

Your class will have its own webpage you can share with anyone interested in joining. On this page, people can register for your class. If you open your class to the public, people will be able to find your webpage on daveramsey.com. But if you mark your class as “Private,” then only those you share your webpage with will be able to join.

Can I lead a class if I’ve never taken FPU?

Yes! And we encourage that. In fact, 40% of coordinators take the class for the first time while they are leading it. You can treat coordinating FPU like leading a small group, where you study with the group and facilitate it at the same time.

What do class members need?

Class members just need two things: a Member Workbook—which they’ll bring to each class—and access to ramseyplus.com. They can purchase both using the unique class link we’ll send you. You can also find the unique class link in your dashboard on financialpeace.com.

How much does Financial Peace University cost for members?

The retail cost of a Ramsey+ membership is $129.