A stack of medical expenses.


Can I Deduct Medical Expenses? 

You may be wondering if you can deduct medical expenses from your taxes and the short answer is: It depends. We’ll walk you through how to figure out if yours could take a chunk out of your tax bill.

Tax liability on a game board.


What is a Tax Liability?

Understanding your total tax liability is important if you want to make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax all year. We’ll walk you through it.

How credit cards work


How Credit Cards Work

It’s more than just swiping a piece of plastic. Learn what really happens when you use a credit card—and how to avoid this debt trap.

books stacked on a teacher's desk

Financial Literacy

Teachers Are Awesome

There are two kinds of folks that have most impacted my life: Teachers and Pastors. Among both groups there are some that just mail it in every week, and there are certainly some bad eggs in each group. But the real Teachers change the world. The real Teachers can’t leave a child behind. They simply won’t quit on you. They make you do things and learn things you never thought you could. They believe in you, especially when you don’t believe in yourself. They change the trajectory of your life.

A Message of Hope


A Message of Hope

It’s normal in times of uncertainty to feel fear. But the good news is that you don’t have to live there.