A New Plan for Our Economy

Politics won't fix the mess we're in. Fortunately, the church can. Last summer, Dave addressed pastors across the country, inviting them to join him in launching a Great Recovery. Will you join the effort?

Get Youth Talking With the Brand-New Generation Change

Rachel Cruze is excited to offer a brand-new version of Generation Change — a program on life and money for teens. The totally revamped Bible study covers everything from personal identity to money management, avoiding debt, and planning for life after high school.

Two Tricks to Sell an Unsellable House

If you're one of those long-suffering homeowners, don't be too quick to blame the housing market. There are plenty of reasons that houses don't sell, and you could end up waiting even longer if you don't dig deep to find out why.

Vote Wisely: Demand Honesty and Integrity

As best-selling author and speaker Andy Andrews pointed out in an interview with Dave, if we are concerned at all about our country and its future, we must pay attention to the election and use our votes wisely.

Stewardship and Spiritual Vitality

After nearly a decade in stewardship ministry, Dave Briggs, Director of Stewardship at Central Christian Church, had an insight that may well answer the question, "Where is the spiritual vitality in my congregation?"

The Stewardship Toolbox

Central Christian Church's Director of Stewardship Dave Briggs explains why 100% of your congregation needs ongoing stewardship training.

EntreLeader Spotlight: Lee Wilhite

Lee Wilhite, Executive Vice President at Masterworks, sees his career as more than a J-O-B. He shares some of his most valuable business lessons, including many that will help you better relate with your team.

Hurdles to Financial Peace

You must identify your hurdles to winning before you can start the process of financial peace. Here are a few obstacles that may get in your way while you are trying to work your way out of debt.