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Free Download: Dave Ramsey’s Homebuyer Guide

We’ve gathered some of Dave’s best advice about buying a home into this guide. Whether you’re looking for your new home right now or home buying is part of your future, this guide will help you make the process as simple as possible.

Home Buying & Selling

Make It Happen Mondays: Dream House

Attack your goal of buying a home with the same intensity and intentionality as you attacked your debt and you’ll find yourself in a new home you can enjoy without the money problems most homeowners face.

Personal Development

10 Real Resolutions Inspired by FPU

Dave's teachings are about more than budgets and penny pinching. Get a glimpse of recent Financial Peace University graduates' hopes and dreams for the future as a result of the life-changing class.


Paychecks Decrease 2%: What Happened to My Money?

When you finally got your hands on that first paycheck of 2013, you no doubt registered one of three emotions: anger, confusion or ignorant bliss. Well, we’re here to clear things up with straight facts about the recent tax change and what it means for you and your family.

Relationships & Money

January Must-Dos for Nerds and Free Spirits

Make serious headway in your financial and relational goals by tailoring your actions to your personality. To get started, determine if you’re a Nerd or Free Spirit then commit to doing these things throughout January.

Personal Development

Top Books to Read This Year

If you're going to have a Make It Happen year, you've got to use winter weeknights to your advantage. Determine what you'd like to learn and pick books suited to your goals. We asked a few of our leaders about their recent reads.

Personal Development

How to Set the Wrong Goals

Take a look at these five steps to set the wrong goals for 2013. Do any of them sound familiar? If you want to set goals that work this new year, make sure you don't follow these steps.

Personal Development

Read More Books

Is one of your goals for 2013 to read more books? Share this with your friends to keep you accountable.

Home Buying & Selling

8 Best Cities to Reach Your Goals in 2013

Now that you’ve made some goals for 2013, you might wonder if you’re in the right place—the right city—to make them happen. Take a look at this list of best and worst cities for accomplishing your goals.


Free Download: Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Research shows that people who follow a zero-based budgeting system like this one pay off 19% more debt and save 18% more money than those who don't! Download our free budgeting form now.

Personal Development

What's In and Out in 2013

Are you itching to know what’s going to be cool and what’s going to be lame in 2013? Check out our list of the ins and outs to kick off the new year.

Business & Leadership

Leadership Insight: Jason Blake

Jason Blake
Associate Director of Sales, ELP Real Estate Services
Ramsey Solutions

Motivating your team may be the toughest and most important part