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Leadership Insight: Jason Blake

Jason Blake
Associate Director of Sales, ELP Real Estate Services
Ramsey Solutions

Motivating your team may be the toughest and most important part

Personal Development

Top Tweets From Dave's Team in 2012

Over here at Dave Ramsey’s office, we have some pretty active Twitter users. So we thought now would be a great time to share some of their best tweets from the past year.

Leaving a Legacy

$15,000 Winner Call

Each week leading up until Christmas, Dave gave away up to $15,000 cash live on The Dave Ramsey Show. This final week's winner was Norm from California.

Listen in as Dave tells Norm he's just won $15,000

Investing & Retirement

6 Habits of Confident Retirees

A recent survey of more than 1,000 retired 401(k) participants identified six specific actions these confident retirees took as they saved for retirement.

Getting out of Debt

Crucial Elements to Become Debt-Free

By taking the approach of paying off your highest-interest debt first, you ignore some of the most crucial elements of becoming debt-free. Find out three crucial elements to become debt-free as soon as you can.


10 Extravagant Christmas Gifts

Let’s have a little fun and imagine what it would be like to buy some of the most extravagant, ridiculous gifts that are currently in the marketplace and available for purchase.

Leaving a Legacy

$10,000 Winner Call

Each week leading up until Christmas, Dave is giving away at least $10,000 live on The Dave Ramsey Show. This week's winner was Denise from Illinois.

Listen in as Dave tells Denise she's just won $10,000


December You, January You

Does this video seem all too familiar in your life? Make it different this year and don't let the January you hate the December you.

Relationships & Money

Want a Really Different Christmas? Think “Birthday”

Arguments about giving, spending, worship and materialism stir deep conflicts in everyone. We struggle to find the fine balance between loving God and wanting to do our own thing. I think that the tension we live with during the Christmas season is healthy.