• Creative Budgeting Tips for Christmas and the Entire Year

    So how do you put together a spending plan in April, or nine weeks out from the event, or while planning for a party that's 11 months from now? Leave that to the members of My Total Money Makeover! Their ideas are easy to implement now and throughout 2013 so you're set for success all year long.

  • Christmas Traditions That Stand the Test of Time

    We’ll always have the memories and the traditions that make Christmas so special. Dave Ramsey fans share their favorites.

  • Guest Post by Martha Thompson

    Show-Stopping Holiday Cupcakes

    Whether you are hosting an intimate informal gathering or a big celebration, a beautiful array of delicious cupcakes will make your next holiday get-together a success. It’s the perfect “serve yourself” dessert.

  • Guest Post by Dr. Meg Meeker

    Why Blue is the Real Color of Christmas

    Dr. Meg Meeker’s heartfelt words will convince you why red and green aren’t the only colors of the holiday season.

  • Free Printable Gift Tags

    Make more room in your Christmas budget by creating your own gift tags! Dave Ramsey’s design team is spreading some Christmas cheer by adding flair to gift tags you can print at home.

  • Christmas Advent Calendar

    .single-post { background: url(https://cdn.ramseysolutions.net/media/3_way_universal/christmas/2012/_img/cmas12_BV_adv Add some extra cheer to the Christmas season by enjoying these fun and meaningful activities. Download our free advent calendar now!

  • 10 Types of Christmas Shoppers

    While you’re out there in the crowd, you’ll encounter a wide variety of Christmas shoppers—some of them are normal, but most of them are, well, interesting. To help you identify your fellow shoppers, we’ve created this handy guide.

  • $10,000 Winner Call

    Each week leading up until Christmas, Dave is giving away at least $10,000 live on The Dave Ramsey Show. This week's winner was Debbie from Wyoming. Listen in as Dave tells Debbie she's just won $10,000

  • Thanksgiving Memories From Dave's Team

    What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories? Members of Dave team share their favorite memories and traditions with you and wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

  • Guest Post by Kelly Hancock

    6 Ways to Celebrate a Debt-Free Christmas

    I had fallen squarely into the Christmas trap, enticed by consumer-driven fantasies that ended in the reality of debt and stress. I realized I didn’t ever want another Christmas to look like that one. Over the next few years, I learned six ways to celebrate a debt-free Christmas.

  • The Merry Different Christmas Blitz

    Our Merry Different Christmas Blitz game is a great way to have a little friendly fun and competition throughout the holiday season while finding a way to creatively give and help others.

  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Christmas

    Before you hop in the car, hop online, or hang the first light, make sure you've had these important conversations with your family or yourself. That way, when the time comes to make a decision, you'll know exactly what you need to do.

  • $10,000 Winner Call

    Each week leading up until Christmas, Dave is giving away at least $10,000 live on The Dave Ramsey Show. This week's winner was Julie from Alabama. Listen in as Dave tells Julie she's just won $10,000

  • Guest Post by Jenny Martin

    Planning for a Frugal Christmas Dinner

    Last year Jenny Martin's family managed to feed 10 people Christmas dinner for only $20! That included a turkey and everything else, down to the paper plates and plastic cups. She shares the secrets to save on the meal without your guests ever knowing that you served a frugal Christmas dinner.

  • 7 Fun Things to Do While Sitting in Mall Traffic

    Road rage and traffic trauma got to you again? Fume no more, folks. We’ve got just the distraction you need—a list of games and activities guaranteed to make time spent sitting in your car a little more cheerful.