• What Did You Get for Christmas Last Year?

    Pop quiz! Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year? Most of these people don't. Make it different this year!

  • One Organization That’s Making A Difference

    This Christmas, we’re donating $1,000 to Blood:Water Mission for every $10,000 we give away through our Christmas contests. This organization is doing great work!

  • 5 Christmas Extras You Don’t Need

    Check out these Christmas extras they’ll say you can’t live without. Truth is, you don’t need them, regardless of your budget.

  • Guest Post by Martha Thompson

    Taste of the Holidays: Easy Fudge Recipes

    Here are a couple of my favorite homemade fudge recipes that are not a huge time investment and come together quickly with easy ingredients.

  • Tempted to Break the Budget?

    .single-post { background: url(https://cdn.ramseysolutions.net/media/3_way_universal/christmas/2012/_img/cmas12_bv_pil If you're tempted to spend "just a little extra" while out shopping, think again. Which one of these people do you want to be?

  • Guest Post by Crystal Paine

    Our Bleak to Bountiful Christmases

    "It’s amazing to look back today and realize how much those efforts to stay out of debt, live simply, and stick with a budget paid off," says MoneySavingMom.com's Crystal Paine.

  • $10,000 Winner Call

    Each week leading up until Christmas, Dave is giving away at least $10,000 live on The Dave Ramsey Show. This week's winner was Chris from Arkansas. Listen in as Dave tells Chris he's just won $10,000

  • The Perfect Christmas Sweater on a Budget

    Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't go out in style! Find out how to score the best festive attire. .single-post { background: url(https://cdn.ramseysolutions.net/media/3_way_universal/christmas/2012/_img/cmas12_bv_swe

  • Creative Budgeting Tips for Christmas and the Entire Year

    So how do you put together a spending plan in April, or nine weeks out from the event, or while planning for a party that's 11 months from now? Leave that to the members of My Total Money Makeover! Their ideas are easy to implement now and throughout 2013 so you're set for success all year long.

  • Christmas Traditions That Stand the Test of Time

    We’ll always have the memories and the traditions that make Christmas so special. Dave Ramsey fans share their favorites.

  • Guest Post by Martha Thompson

    Show-Stopping Holiday Cupcakes

    Whether you are hosting an intimate informal gathering or a big celebration, a beautiful array of delicious cupcakes will make your next holiday get-together a success. It’s the perfect “serve yourself” dessert.

  • Guest Post by Dr. Meg Meeker

    Why Blue is the Real Color of Christmas

    Dr. Meg Meeker’s heartfelt words will convince you why red and green aren’t the only colors of the holiday season.

  • Free Printable Gift Tags

    Make more room in your Christmas budget by creating your own gift tags! Dave Ramsey’s design team is spreading some Christmas cheer by adding flair to gift tags you can print at home.

  • Christmas Advent Calendar

    .single-post { background: url(https://cdn.ramseysolutions.net/media/3_way_universal/christmas/2012/_img/cmas12_BV_adv Add some extra cheer to the Christmas season by enjoying these fun and meaningful activities. Download our free advent calendar now!

  • 10 Types of Christmas Shoppers

    While you’re out there in the crowd, you’ll encounter a wide variety of Christmas shoppers—some of them are normal, but most of them are, well, interesting. To help you identify your fellow shoppers, we’ve created this handy guide.

  • $10,000 Winner Call

    Each week leading up until Christmas, Dave is giving away at least $10,000 live on The Dave Ramsey Show. This week's winner was Debbie from Wyoming. Listen in as Dave tells Debbie she's just won $10,000

  • Thanksgiving Memories From Dave's Team

    What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories? Members of Dave team share their favorite memories and traditions with you and wish you a happy Thanksgiving!