Personal Development

What's In and Out in 2015?

Dying to know what will be hip in 2015? Here at Dave Ramsey's, we keep our finger on the pulse of culture. Well, not really. But when it comes to money, we can tell you what's in and out in 2015.

Personal Development

Is Your Fitness Budget in Shape?

Behavior modification works the same for both our money and our fitness. So how do you find the motivation to lose that extra weight and get fit? Here are four keys to achieving your fitness goals.

Business & Leadership

There’s No Such Thing as Ready

Yes, you will fail sometimes. I have. Yes, people will criticize you sometimes. They criticize me daily. But you can’t do anything great without failure and criticism. In fact, these are good signs you’re actually doing something right.

Leaving a Legacy

Baby Steps Giveaway — Winner #7

Dave surprises Christine and Andrea from Oklahoma by telling them they each won the Baby Step Seven prize of $7,500 from Dave’s $100,000 Baby Steps Giveaway.


Easy Last-Minute Holiday Entertaining

Keep the stress to a minimum when you are surprised with unexpected guests or want to throw a little party without busting the budget. We have a trio of recipes that will help create the perfect holiday atmosphere—and they’ll save you money.