Leaving a Legacy

5 Steps to High-Impact Giving

How much should you give? And to which organizations should you donate? These questions are important—especially if you want your aid dollars to make an impact. Here are five simple steps to maximizing your year-end giving.


4 Heartbreaking Holiday Budgeting Fails

In an effort to help us all make smarter money decisions this year, we’ve asked Dave’s Facebook fans to share their biggest holiday shopping fails. Here are four good reasons to budget before you buy.

Getting out of Debt

6 Money Tricks To Never Fall For

But you know what’s scarier than a Halloween ghost? It’s a stupid money mistake. Here are six money tricks to watch out for so they don't come back to haunt you.

Investing & Retirement

The Biggest Enemy to Your Retirement Future

When 401(k) plans spring a leak, it's often because someone cashed out to solve a short-term money problem. And it's having a huge effect on Americans' ability to cover their retirement expenses.