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What Is a 50-year Mortgage?

The 50-year mortgage—believe it or not, it’s out there. But is it really wise to pay off a mortgage over this much time?

Investing & Retirement

Investing for Your Kid's Future

We all want to set up our children for success! Whether you want to kick-start their retirement savings or get them through college debt-free, here are some ways you can invest in your child's future. 


Prepare for Holiday Travel

How do you know if you should travel for Christmas? And how do you travel without a credit card? These handy tips will help you figure out your holiday plans!

Personal Development


"I talked to a guy on my radio show the other day who was scared . . . He had just gotten laid off from a job he'd had for 28 years. He was making $38,000 per year and didn't see it coming."