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How to Claim Dependents on Your Taxes

If you’re like many people, anything related to taxes such as how to claim dependents can be enough to give you a never-ending headache during tax season. Read on below to check out how simple it really is.

What is a debit card?


What Is a Debit Card?

A debit card is a card linked to your bank account and used to make purchases without going into any debt. We have what you need to know about how debit cards work and how to get one.

Dream board of moving to a new city

Home Buying

Should I Move to a New City?

Wondering if moving to a new city could be right for you? These are the questions you need to ask yourself to make a decision you’re confident about.

Filing bin to organize taxes


When Are Taxes Due?

When are taxes due? It’s July 15, right? For most people this is true . . . to find out more about when Uncle Sam wants to be paid, read on!

Personal Development

Do Work That Matters

Sure, getting paid is nice, but getting paid to do something you have a passion for is even better.

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Getting out of Debt

How to Freeze Your Credit

A credit freeze is one way to help protect you against identity theft. Here’s what you need to know about freezing your credit.

An investor is using her smartphone to access Chris Hogan's investment calculator.

Investing & Retirement

2020 Investment Outlook

There's a lot happening in 2020 that might impact the performance of your investing portfolio. Let's take a closer look at some of the latest economic trends with our 2020 Investment Outlook.