Stock trading 101


What Is Stock Trading?

Stock trading is like fishing—everyone wants to tell you about the time they caught “the big one,” but never about the ones that got away. Here’s why stock trading is a bad idea!

What Is a Savings Account?


What Is a Savings Account?

Is a savings account worth having? Well, apart from encouraging you to—well—save, it’s a way to help you focus on a positive financial future for you and your family.

A person reading the bible and writing in a journal.

Personal Growth

How to Trust God

In life, we run ahead believing that we have it all under control. But at the root of that belief is a lack of trust in God. Here are three ways you can learn to trust God.

What is a financial consultant and a financial coach?


What Is a Financial Consultant?

You’ve heard all the names: financial consultant, advisor, coach. What’re the differences? And how can they help you with your money problems? Let’s break it down.