A Message of Hope


A Message of Hope

It’s normal in times of uncertainty to feel fear. But the good news is that you don’t have to live there.

A house with different costs written on it.

Home Selling

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a House?

To crush your home-selling goals and win with money, plan ahead for selling expenses by making a budget that covers agent commissions, home improvements, closing costs and moving fees.

5 strategies to landing an internship

Personal Development

How to Get an Internship

Finding a place to practice is a key step of growing in your career. If you’re wondering how to get an internship, take these five practical steps as you start climbing the ladder to your dream job.

An outdated kitchen.

Home Selling

Selling a House As Is

To make a confident decision on whether to sell your house as is, consider what as is actually means, what the pros and cons are, and what’s involved with this type of home sale.

A woman holding a power of attorney pamphlet.

Leaving a Legacy

What Is a Power of Attorney?

Who would speak up for you if you lost the power to communicate? You’d definitely want a power of attorney. To protect your health and money, a POA is a critical part of your defensive game plan.

Tax forms.


What is Federal Tax Withholding?

Think getting a big refund is like getting free money? Wrong! We’ll walk you through getting your federal tax withholding right so there are no unwanted surprises come tax time.