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Personal Development

You . . . One Year Later

2 Minute Read

In the middle of all the talk about New Year’s resolutions and goal-setting this time of year, ask yourself this question:

What will your life look like this time next year?

That’s not a question you have to answer, but it is a question you should think about. Because, really, that’s the type of question that is the catalyst for behavior change.

That’s what spurs us to act—to lose the weight, to dump the debt, to find our dream job.

Dave says it all the time: To get out of debt, you have to get angry. It’s the same thing with anything else. To make a change in your life, you might not need anger, but you’ll definitely need some type of passion and emotion to fuel you.

What does that look like for you in 2014?

What needs changing in your life right now, and how could that area of your life be different on this exact date next year?

If you need help answering that question, take a look back at the last year. Where did you fall short? What are some goals you didn’t reach? What goals did you reach? What did you enjoy doing?

If you look at this year’s shortcomings, you can plan ahead for next year’s success. Like a good football coach, you know your weak points, and you can work on them or plan around them and focus on your strengths.

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When you start setting your goals and dreaming your dreams and making your resolutions, keep this year in mind. Build off your successes—but also address your weaknesses.

So we’ll ask you again:

What will your life look like this time next year?