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Getting out of Debt

Turning Point: Our Debt-Free Life in Alaska!

2 Minute Read

Will and Kelly shared similar views on finances even before they got married, but that didn’t stop them from racking up student loan debt and taking out a mortgage on their new house.

They were able to make ends meet between their two jobs, but the fickle nature of airline work meant Will was constantly grappling with the possibility of being let go.

"It was pretty terrifying to imagine having $250,000 in debt... and I could potentially have no job," he said.

With no emergency fund saved up, they didn’t have enough to cover a month of expenses.

"I couldn’t fill my car with gas one month because we had less than $100 in the bank," Kelly said. She vowed to never feel that way again, and they decided to get serious.


Will revisited The Total Money Makeover, and they were introduced to Financial Peace University. They also became avid listeners of The Dave Ramsey Show. The positive stories they heard on the show provided the encouragement they needed to keep going, even when their friends and families didn’t quite get what they were doing. And their perseverance paid off.

"There was stuff that we wanted to do for years and now we’re able to do them," Will said.

More than 5 million have beaten debt this way. You can too!

So how long did it take Will and Kelly to pay off their debt? Watch their inspiring story!

To hear more stories of hope from people like Will and Kelly, tune in to The Dave Ramsey Show.

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The FASTEST Way to Get Out of Debt

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