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Why You Need a Great Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

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When you hire a real estate agent to help you sell your home, you have certain expectations of what your agent will do for you. Most people expect their agents to:

  • Give them advice about updates or repairs that will make their home more attractive
  • Help them set a price for their home
  • Market their home so it receives as much exposure to potential buyers as possible
  • Schedule showings with potential buyers
  • Advise them as they negotiate offers
  • Handle all the required paperwork

That’s a pretty impressive list of duties. Of course, the value comes in how well the agent executes these duties. It’s one thing to stick a sign in your yard and call it marketing, and it’s a completely different thing to plant that sign, post your home on the internet with photos and a video tour, and contact other agents with clients looking for homes like yours. Now that’s marketing!


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When you work with a high-quality, high-octane real estate agent, you can expect service that goes above and beyond average expectations in every area of the home-selling process. A world-class agent will:

Super-serve from the start

Your agent’s goal should be to over-serve you, starting with the first contact. If you’re waiting days to hear back from an agent, you’re waiting too long. An agent who wants your business will return your call immediately—within minutes if possible!

Commit for the long haul

Even if you’re not ready to put your home on the market right away, your agent should be available to offer advice and answer questions as you prepare for the process. A trustworthy agent isn’t looking for a quick commission check; they will work with each client with a long-term view.

Speak from experience

Experience is the hallmark of an excellent real estate agent. Your agent needs at least five years of experience in real estate, but 10 years or more is preferable. They must also close on a minimum of 40 home transactions per year. With that kind of experience and performance, you can feel confident in relying on your agent’s advice.

Finding Your Superstar Agent

So how do you find the superstar agents, and how do you know your agent won’t burn out on you before your home is sold? Dave has built a nationwide network of real estate agents who have all of these qualities and more. Not only are they experienced professionals with a focus on excellent service, but they also receive additional training so they can spot opportunities to take that service to a whole new level.

Dave’s real estate Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) are also Dave fans, just like you. When you work with an ELP, you’re working with a professional who understands your goals are based on Dave’s financial principles.

Contact Your ELP Today

If you’re planning to buy or sell a home soon, wouldn’t you like to work with an agent you know will do a great job? Your ELP’s dedication to super service will not only make the process go smoothly, their advice can also save you time and money. Find your ELP today!

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